Google Merchant: Content API for Shopping - Product Feed

Google Merchant: Content API for Shopping - Product Feed
The "Google Merchant: Content API for Shopping" extension for OpenCart create unlimited feeds for integration with Google Merchant Center. This extension provides seamless connectivity between your OpenCart website and Google's Content API for Shopping, enabling you to effortlessly manage and optimize your product listings on Google Shopping.

New version 2.1.8 is available
New features: Add additional product images [additional_image_link]; Add attributes in the product description; Add attributes to [product_detail]; Add Product Highlights [product_highlight]; Add [multipack] from the Minimum quantity field (if value > 1); Pause display of products [pause]; Transfer of the validity period of shares; Substitution of product parameters in Special labels; Obtaining data from non-standard columns of the product table; Filter the products of the feed according to default filters. Separate settings for programs.

Automatic synchronization of products through the Content API
With the "Google Merchant: Content API for Shopping" extension, you can efficiently synchronize your product data with Google Merchant Center, ensuring that your inventory, pricing, and other essential details are up to date. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and minimizes the risk of errors or discrepancies, saving you valuable time and effort.

Product feed for Google Merchant Center
The extension offers comprehensive features for product feed management, allowing you to customize and optimize your data to meet Google's requirements and best practices. You can easily map your product attributes to the corresponding fields in Google's product taxonomy, ensuring accurate and relevant information is conveyed to potential customers. This helps improve the visibility and performance of your products on Google Shopping.

DEMO Feed listing
DEMO Module settings

Additionally, the extension supports advanced features like automated feed generation and scheduled feed updates. You can set up automatic feed generation to generate and submit your product data to Google Merchant Center at specified intervals, ensuring your listings are always up to date. Scheduled feed updates enable you to define regular intervals for refreshing your product data, ensuring that any changes or updates are promptly reflected in your Google Shopping listings.

v2.1.8 (12/02/2024) - New features
    Additional product images [additional_image_link].
    Attributes in [product_detail].
    The possibility of adding product attributes to the description text.
    Support Product Highlights [product_highlight].
    Minimum quantity in [multipack] (if value > 1).
    Pause for the ads [pause].
    Sale price effective date [sale_price_effective_date].
    Product parameters in Custom labels.
    Retrieving data from non-standard columns of the product table.
    Filter of feed products according to standard OpenCart filters.
    Individual program settings (included/excluded).
    Added compatibility with OpenCart 2.1.x.x.


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