Data Feed Watch Shopping Feed

Data Feed Watch Shopping Feed
Create powerful product feeds and increase sales in 3 simple steps.
One-click integration with Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Meta, Amazon, Bing Ads, Pinterest, TikTok, and 2000+ channels & marketplaces.

  • Free Feed Setup
  • 15-day Free Trial
  • Free Onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Top Rated 24/7 Support
  • Trusted by 17,000+ Brands

    Optimize Your Product Data To Increase Paid Advertising Campaign Performance
    We help you optimize every aspect of your product feeds so you can increase sales across more than 2000 channels & marketplaces.

    Map Your Product Feeds At Scale Fast!
    Use our product mapping templates to speed up your work. All channel requirements are pre-loaded so your data feeds are automatically generated in the right format.

    Catch Product Errors Automatically Before Pushing To Channels
    Find product errors before uploading your products to Google Merchant Center or other Ad Manager platforms. See a detailed list of any errors and the exact steps to fix them. Check the health of your feed with our Feed Quality Score.

    Get Complete Control Over Every Attribute In Your Product Feed
    Optimize your product titles without touching your backend. Run A/B tests and capitalize on what’s working. Add missing data at scale. And create complex conditional rules for shopping feeds.

    Manage & Sync Inventory Levels Across All Channels
    No longer waste your advertising budget on products that aren’t in stock. Simply use the availability attribute to keep track of inventory levels across all channels.

    Backend Store Changes Are Automatically Updated In Your Feeds[b/]
    New products in your shop are automatically added to your feed. Product feeds are updated and sent to your channels up to every hour.

    [b]Create Text Ads Automatically For Every Product In Your Feed

    Create Text Ads without writing a single word and catch bottom-of-the funnel customers with the keywords they're searching. Ads and keywords are updated every time you add or remove a product.

    Powerful optimization platform
  • No feed limit! We’re ready to process feeds for more than 1 million products.
  • Submit all variants - you can merge and unmerge your feed based on the channel requirements.
  • Create, edit and map your product feeds by easily setting up complex rules.
  • Edit fields like Description, Title, URL and more.
  • Include or exclude products with just a few clicks (like for seasonal or out of stock items)
  • Use look-up tables for missing information in the source feed. Exclude unprofitable products and make changes to your product titles.
  • Assign Google categories to your products painlessly
  • Use powerful optimization tools like look-up tables and regular expressions.
  • [*]Custom channels - create your own feed template to fit your needs exactly.

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