Feed Manager Pro (Customizable Product Feeds)

Feed Manager Pro (Customizable Product Feeds)
Adds fully customizable universal feeds for every need, and also separate Google/Bing Merchant feed, Adwords feed, and Facebook feed with support for very large stores.
Export products to any platform, marketplace, price comparison, search engine or social network. Use the Google/Facebook shopping features and export products for dynamic ads (requires Facebook/Adwords tags).

  • Export products to any platform (supports creating your own feeds)
  • Custom universal feeds (any feed with downloadable free templates)
  • Exports products, manufactures, categories and carriers.
  • Google/Bing/Pinterest/Twenga feed for ads & shopping (xml)
  • Google Adwords Business Data feed – adwords/analytics (csv)
  • Facebook product catalog feed for ads & shopping (xml)
  • Products can be filtered by keywords, categories, manufactures and product IDs
  • Supports Google category taxonomy
  • Adds automated language, currency & option selection via product urls
  • Feeds are created on the fly (cron jobs not needed)
  • Feeds can be saved to your server (bypasses server limitations)
  • Supports very large shops (any amount of products)
  • Multi store, currency, language and options
  • Easy Google & Facebook setup
  • Simple installation, via ocmod/vqmod, no files will be overwritten
  • Free support

Demo admin:
User: demo
Password: demo

Facebook/Google setup tutorial:

Example feeds:
Google Merchant (Bing, Twenga, Pinterest...):
Example custom feeds (more feeds can be added by request for free):
If you need all marketing features (all product feeds and scripts):

For dynamic tags/scripts only:

If you want to increase sales with nice looking discount/special image tags, check this extension:

If you have problems or questions, contact me via the "GET SUPPORT" button on this page.
If you upgrade from an older version (5.X or older) to version 6.X some settings might get lost (due to the settings re-design), so please backup your settings first.
Version 6.0.0
  • added opencart 4 support
  • complete settings redesign (merged feed settings)
  • attribute, filter options are no longer combined
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 6.0.1
  • improved save to file redirection
  • fixed missing custom category settings (only oc 4.X)
  • fixed extension uninstall (only oc 4.X)
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 6.0.2
  • added energy efficiency class
  • improved save to file redirection
  • improved merchant feed shipping
  • fixed php 8 compatibility
  • fixed installing (from oc
  • fixed default settings (from oc 4.X)
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 6.0.3
  • added: custom labels (facebook & google feeds)
  • other minor improvements and bugfixes
Version 6.2.0
  • improved compatibility
  • added disabled_capabilities (facebook feed)
  • added unit_pricing_measure and unit_pricing_base_measure (merchant feed)
  • fixed tax setting (merchant feed)
  • anonymized review author (custom feed)
  • fixed category (custom feed)
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 6.2.1
  • fixed false warning in the extension settings
  • improved compatibility
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 6.2.2
  • improved feed performance
  • improved external extension compatibility
  • improved category sort order
  • added UTM url parameter
  • sp (shipping_price) url parameter renamed to scp
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 7.0.0
  • added new color/size options for custom feeds
  • added mpn source setting
  • updated merchant center stock statuses
  • fixed shipping tax
  • fixed weight (custom feed)
  • improved option sorting
  • added custom keywords #size#, #product_size_list#, #product_color_list# and #location#
  • added custom dynamic keywords #availability... and #value...
  • #variations# replaced by #variants#
  • #option_quantity# replaced by #variant_quantity#
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 7.1.0
  • feed performance improvements
  • added default gender & age_group
  • added empty values for age_group, gender and taxonomy categories
  • settings design improvement
  • fixed image size setting missing cache options
  • fixed filter value (custom feeds)
  • added empty sale price check
  • other improvements and bugfixes

What customers say about Feed Manager Pro (Customizable Product Feeds)

I must say that , the extension great,and the only one that gives you the right answers if not the most brilliant, cooperative technical support I ever add from, possibly,any other modules, so I must say fantastic professional developer , exceeds the expectations of any support so far!!!5******
Works very well and the support is amazing. Thank you
thank you very much.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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